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RP journal for Duela Dent/Lucille 'Lucy' Quinzel/Joker's Daughter/Harlequin, and she probably has a half-dozen other aliases she uses. She's from a 'collapsed multiverse' AU of the DCU that's slowly being added (along with a bunch of other collapsed universes) to a new reality. (It's complicated.) She also has a habit of visiting other universes just for laughs, and can show up just about anywhere.

Backtagging: I don't mind at all! I have threads that have been 'dead' for a year and would still love to see them complete.
Hugging this chara: No problem! Duela has only a shaky grasp of personal space and loves hugs. Attempting to 'cop a feel', though, runs risk of Duela's knees or elbows going somewhere very uncomfortable for the offending character (only her boyfriend can get away with that).
Kissing: Unless it's a friendly on-the-cheek-or-forehead she'll dodge and let you know that she's pretty sure she has a boyfriend.
Flirting: If it's not serious she'll laugh. If she thinks it's serious, see above.
Smut: I'm not comfortable writing this.
Fighting/Injury: If it comes about in the course of RP
Severe injury/mutilation: I'd rather not as I keep a continuity and it could affect plot (not to mention get her totally busted as far as her sneaking off to other timelines), but you can PM to ask... if it's plot important and I can think of a way around it messing with other things (she does have some access to an interdimensional location where some of the visitors can use magic, for example) then I might allow it if it's for dramatic reasons or plot-critical in some way.
Killing: No

Feel free to PM me with any questions or to discuss chara or plot at any time.
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The island literally in the middle of Nowhere is a little more like home with more of her immediate 'family' around, but an eerily deserted island that was once part of the Azores still isn't Gotham by any stretch. Duela's amusement over Uncle Eddie managing to identify the island because of an endemic bat species of all things had got her thinking of another Edward Nygma and another Gotham... and next thing she knew she was homesick again.

Which means the next chance she had found her back in that Gotham. She'd had a bit of fun, running across rooftops and doing cartwheels down alleys. And then she'd seen the newspaper, and a headline that to her was positively chilling. A feeling of dread soon had her at a library, passing off her appearance as due to street busking when the librarian had asked. Looking through back issues of the news and a few internet searches made things progressively worse. Penguin was in Arkham, but at least still alive. Victor and Nora Fries were both dead. Here and there another familiar name or detail would pop up, skewed as if viewed in a funhouse mirror. And then there'd been a too-young but still too familiar face with a completely unfamiliar name. Younger than her father had ever claimed he could coherently remember.

The thought that this might be some kind of 'everyone dies' timeline sends her into a panic that soon has her tracking down addresses and climbing up a fire escape to knock on a window. Doors were for 'normal' people... and she wanted to be sure no one had tried to make a bad pun by 'riddling' Ed Nygma full of bulletholes.
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Duela's fairly certain she hasn't forgotten to do anything. She helped her mom with the hyenas, got the rest of her chores done, and told her parents she was going to explore a bit for a few hours. Ok, so she'd neglected to mention that she wasn't planning to stick to the Nexus, but... she didn't want them to worry. And if she told them where she was going, she'd have to get into why.

Along with her usual clown getup, she's sporting a large lime-green sunhat and a pair of green-trimmed sunglasses as she waits to see if Jon replies to her text. Or if, like most of her Titans friends, he's already forgotten her.


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