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Name:Lucille Ellen Kerr
Jeannie Kerr. (1/3 of) Eve Dent. Rebecca Brown. Harleen Quinzel. In one particular AU of the DCU Multiverse, all were the same person. A metahuman reality-warper who fought her own little unseen war with reality itself over the fates of her family.

Her daughter was conceived and born multiple times across multiple timelines, yet she was always one person - her memories shared between her 'selves' in other timelines. To an extent 'immune' to retcons and other changes in reality, she always remembered both events as they happened and the versions after they changed. This sometimes made her confused, or caused others to think her insane. Able to physically cross over into timelines where her local alternate had died or wasn't otherwise present, she briefly joined the Teen Titans in a timeline where she hadn't survived long enough to be born.

When their home multiverse eventually collapsed as the end effect of too many retcons and time-space instabilities, Jeannie found herself in the Nexus. And she brought her husband and their (now physically singular) daughter with her. This is the short version.

Lucille Ellen Kerr. Duela Dent. Lucy Quinzel.

under any name, always

The Joker's Jokester's Daughter.
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